Salt Dating: Navigating The Sugar Daddy World

Mar 17, 2020 by Coach Corey Wayne
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How to navigate the “Sugar Daddy” world of dating if you’re more into the hookup culture instead of looking for a relationship.

In this video coaching newsletter, I once again interview Anthony “Dream” Johnson, the President of the Manosphere. He shares some of his dating and seduction experiences, tips, strategies and techniques he uses when navigating the multi-million dollar industry of “Sugar Daddy” dating. These are the “seeking arrangement” type of websites where young, hot college girls go on dates with rich older men who give them money, pay their rent, college tuition, invest in their businesses, etc.

I had no idea how extensive this industry was. Anthony learned how to be a “salt dater,” by being able to date and seduce these women, without giving them any money or paying any of their bills. One of the first women he met was a beautiful twenty one year old Persian Girl who pulled up to his house in a new Bentley that one of her rich, older sugar daddies bought for her. He got so good at systematizing his approach on sugar daddy websites, that these women would just come over and sleep with him without going on dates. It’s a really fun and unusual interview.

COREY: I’ve got the President of the Manosphere, Anthony Dream Johnson here with me today, because he has quite a bit of experience in this area.

ANTHONY: I’m still an amateur I’d say, but a ranked amateur.

COREY: It’s an interesting topic that I see occasionally. Sometimes I see people email me, asking me what I think about it. I don’t date those kinds of women, but I know some guys are into that. Some guys are just looking to hang out, have fun and hook up and no strings attached, so I figured I’d have Anthony go through it with you.

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ANTHONY: Good to be back, man. I appreciate the opportunity.

So just saying the sugar daddy world and all that stuff, but like you mentioned, salt dating is what it is for me, which is different than sugar dating.

COREY: So what does salt dating mean? Is that kind of like a kept man?

ANTHONY: No. I didn’t even know there was a term for it, what I was doing initially. I don’t want to give a name, but there was a fitness 21 Convention speaker a few years ago, 2016, and before the event he just wanted to have a one-on-one call personally about something. I was kind of curious because he wouldn’t text it to me.

So I was on the phone with this guy, and he said, Look man. I just want to run something by you that I think you’d be really interested in. Because he knew I had just gotten divorced from Medusa and stuff like that, and I was getting back into dating with Tinder and Bumble and just going out to bars too. So he ran by this whole thing he did years ago when he was a personal trainer. And basically he just introduced me into the world of sugar dating, but not paying for it.

At first I was like, why would I even care about this. I can bang girls. I already bang girls from Tinder and bars and stuff, and he’s like, No, no, no man. Trust me. You’ve got to check this out. You don’t have to lie or anything if you don’t want. Just be straight about it. You don’t have to pay these girls, and you can just bang these girls on these sugar dating websites for free.

And I didn’t even understand why I should care though, because I can just go on Tinder. Why would I do this? It’s free anyway. He said, Look man, just trust me. Just try it. And I like this guy, so I heard him out, his spiel about how to do it, or how he did it. And then he had some recommendations for what I could do with it.

And this is very strange. Most speakers don’t call me to talk about this, especially not a fitness speaker. A PUA guy or a dating coach maybe, as it would come up, but this was like out of left field. And he meant well, and he had some recommendations for it.

So basically, I listened to him and heard him out and I tried it out. I went on Seeking Arrangment, the biggest one in the world. They have millions of users and stuff. You do have to pay as a guy like $50 or $80. It’s pretty expensive.

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COREY: Is that per month?

ANTHONY: Yeah, per month. I think the women are free, and the men of course you’ve got to pay for that stuff. Women can have paid accounts too for whatever. But basically, I went on here and I got laid in 24 hours flat by not a super hot woman, but pretty damn hot, and I was amazed.

Tinder for guys is a pain in the ass. Like women, obviously hypergamy, they date up. There’s a small window of guys, top 10%, 20% that bang most of the women. And if you’re not in that high, super apex category, it’s tough. You’ve got to have good pictures and these different things we can talk about later.

Basically, I went on there and not only did I bang this chick right away, like immediately, just putting my skills to work like usual, I ended up paying nothing. I didn’t have to do nothing like that, so I was just blown away by how this was working out. But on top of that, it wasn’t just that one chick — this was Orlando — I was just flooded in my inbox.

On Tinder, you typically have to hit these girls up. Sometimes they’ll hit you up, but usually you have to hit them up. This was just flooded. Like absolutely just girl, after girl, after girl and most of them are really hot too. That’s what caught my interest as well.

When I went on there expecting online dating, I was expecting a Plenty of Fish kind of thing. In spite of what the guy told me, I was expecting a generalized population of women on there, and it wasn’t. They were pretty hot. I would say substantially hotter than what you would find on Tinder or Bumble, even on your best day.

So, it’s a bunch of hot women who are hitting me up. And by the way, you pick your net worth on these usually, especially Seeking Arrangement. They don’t verify it, but the girls think it’s verified. So you pick your net worth, and I picked $5 million, which is not true. What’s also interesting too is that I’m young. When I started doing this, I was 28. I’m 31 now.

There’s a couple of different reasons you’re getting pinged on there. Number one, the girl is hungry. It’s a sugar dating site. They want money. It’s basically soft prostitution. So, I do this and I bang these girls, but I don’t recommend girls do this. It’s pretty horrible.

Seeking Arrangement even has Sugar Baby University, and they advertise and promote through SEO and stuff that girls can pay off student loans and go to college by doing all this shit, by having sugar daddies.

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COREY: So what’s the sales pitch to women to get on the site? Seeking arrangement, what does that mean?

ANTHONY: Their pitch is to get all this free money from all of these amazing guys, not just free but they’re supposed to have sugar relationships and all this crap.

COREY: So they hang out with the guy, he gives them money for hanging out, and sometimes they hook up, sometimes they don’t?

ANTHONY: They’re really against escorting on the site. Like they even make you agree, especially for the women, you’re not an escort or anything like that. So legally, they can’t promote that stuff. How it works out is kind of mixed. They promote that a guy is going to pay for your rent and your bills and whatever the fuck, right? Guys will actually do that stuff, but mostly it’s like cash stuff.

And some girls that are on there are fucking escorts. Sometimes they get caught, they get reported or whatever and they get banned. There’s so much to go into with this. I don’t even know where to start or stop. I mean, it’s a whole wild show in this thing. It’s some of the wildest stuff I’ve seen for online dating.

COREY: So, what is the Cliff’s Notes version of it? Obviously guys watching this are like, alright Anthony, what’s the bottom line? I go to this site and I sign up, what do I do?

ANTHONY: Well, what most guys do, most guys that go on there first of all are older. They’re 50, 60-something years old. The guys with money, legitimately, that’s who it’s designed for. And for older guys that are retired, divorced or whatever, they’re not successful with women, so they go into these sugar relationships where they pay these chicks, literally pay for their rent or their cars.

I’ve met girls on the site that have had their rent paid for by dudes like this. They have a couple of sugar daddies. They’ll see these guys like once or twice a month or once a week, and they’ll literally pay their rent. They’ll pay their car payment.

My favorite sugar baby, the hottest girl in my fucking life, super hot it’s ridiculous, half Iranian, Persian, and half black. It’s amazing. Beautiful chick. She rolled up in a fucking Bentley. I didn’t even know what it was. And this girl is like 21, 22 years old. I’m like, what the fuck.

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COREY: And some dude bought that for her, huh?

ANTHONY: A lease or paying it, who knows. She wasn’t 21 years old paying a payment on a Bentley, right? And then I fucked her literally fifteen minutes later.

The actual raw stories of what happens on these sites for a guy like me is ridiculous. And I’m not the only guy in the world doing this. There’s a subset of dudes like me that have figured this out. For example, when I banged a couple of girls last year, I was really excited initially. And even now, it’s still kind of fun.

Like once a year I’ll go on the site and fuck around a little bit, but you kind of get burnt out. It’s like eating too much cake, a really good cake, that’s really sweet. I mean, it’s ironic because it’s called sugar dating. But really it’s like that in real life. You have too much of it, and these girls just like…

COREY: They’re hot, but after you have sex you’re like [checks watch], Hey, I’ve got an appointment later?

ANTHONY: Yeah. I mean, these girls are just hardcore thots.

COREY: So you like having sex with them, but you don’t want to hang out with them on a regular basis?

ANTHONY: Probably. Occasionally I’ll meet one that’s okay. Let me say this too. Every girl you find on Seeking Arrangement or any other site like that, there’s a ton of other sugar dating sites. You’ll see them. So if you go on there and scan their profiles, and you pay attention, you’ll see them on Tinder, on Bumble. You’ll see them at bars and shit. I’ll see these girls on Instagram, on Seeking Arrangement, on Tinder, and then I’ll see them a month later at a bar. And I’m like, wow.

And of course, on Tinder they’re not like hey, I’m a prostitute-lite on sugar dating sites. They don’t fucking say that. Orlando is actually the capital of the world for sugar dating.

COREY: No shit?

ANTHONY: It goes between that and Atlanta. I think for the universities. They’re so big, so that’s part of it.

COREY: A lot of college students? College girls?

ANTHONY: Oh yeah. Fuck yeah. I would say it’s probably 80% college girls. It’s a lot, and they’re fucking hot. The hottest girls that are the most promiscuous and the most money hungry on Tinder, they eventually hear about these sugar dating sites, and they go to them, and get money out of these guys. And they go on Tinder and they get fucked by Chads. Then they go to the bar and do whatever there. I mean, it’s the epitome of dysfunctional American dating.

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COREY: What did you see as their as their background, their family history?

ANTHONY: You don’t even want to know.

COREY: Is it all like a train wreck?

ANTHONY: One of them, yeah, was an absolute fucking train wreck. Beyond that, I don’t even ask. Like I bang girls fast anyway. Like Tinder, 10 or 15 minutes sometimes. I get them to the house, get them inside and just bang. Usually, Seeking Arrangement is pretty similar. I can be even faster than that, because they’re expecting it.

So one of the fascinating things, let me get back to this real quick. The pickup artists are aware of this stuff. There’s pickup artist groups on Facebook that when I figured this out, I didn’t even know what to call it. You know, salt dating. I didn’t have a name for it yet. And I’m on this pickup artist group that had a couple of thousand guys in a Facebook group, and I started bragging about this. I’m like, guys, this is fucking great. It’s a fucking gold mine, blah, blah, blah, and they banned me immediately.

The admins, they messaged me, dude don’t ever bring up this shit again. We know it’s a gold mine, and keep it fucking hush. This was late 2016, early 2017, and I was like, what the fuck. They knew who I was too with the convention and stuff. So, it definitely is a gold mine, and there’s not a lot of guys doing it like I do.

That’s a thing too. When you’re young and you go on here… I’m 31, I look good, I’m young, I’m in shape, I’m worth, I say 5 or 7 million dollars or whatever I feel like on that day, you just pick it, you identify as a $7 millionaire, and yeah, it’s just ridiculous man. The thing is, you stand out like a sore thumb though.

COREY: Because you’re young? And most of the guys are old, and probably obese and out of shape?

ANTHONY: Yeah. I haven’t made an account yet, like a girl profile, but I’ve heard of guys that do, and apparently it’s just nothing but old fat dudes that are bald. So if you’re not old, and you’re not fat, and you look good, and you have hair on your head… no offense.

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COREY: I shave it. Chicks dig the hair man.

ANTHONY: Oh, you’ve got some hair, yeah. Anyway, most guys on there, I mean they’re on there because they can’t go out to a bar and they don’t have a relationship or a marriage that’s good for them. They’re not banging hot chicks. So if you go on there, they think you’re like Christian Grey basically. Girls will tell me this shit.

I need to reactivate my account. I should show you my inbox. But it’s fucking ridiculous. Because they’re living this fantasy. They see you as fulfilling this fantasy, especially if you’re 29, and now I’m 31 years old an doing it. It’s been a few months since I’ve been on there. But was back on there in November again, but then I got burnt out. I was like, I can’t even do fucking do this man. This is just so fucked.

COREY: So what’s the process and where are the tips? Because gusy are going, alright dude. Shut up, give me fucking tips of how this is going to help me.

ANTHONY: This is real too guys. This is like legit dude, like top secret shit. So, part of what you’re doing, its fascinating. And that’s what the guy explained to me. If you have a bunch of money and you want to go bang girls, they’ll bang you for money if you pay their bills. But I don’t want to do that. I just want to bang these girls. I don’t want to pay for them. What the fuck am I going to pay for them for?

COREY: Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free.

ANTHONY: Exactly. I’ve had girls that I haven’t even met on there that will try to get me to pay their rent. Like literally pay their rent over Venmo or Cash App or some shit. I mean, it’s fucking nuts, because dudes do this stuff. The thirst is real man. It’s crazy.

But basically, what was explained to me and what I kind of figured through trial and error, it’s very similar to breaking out of the friends-zone. Which I think is really hard in most cases. You’re doing that in like a beta bucks sense. Because you’re going on there, and these girls are looking for cash or something equivalent, rent or whatever.

Now, it’s good if you’re young and you look good and all that, because you have a Christian Grey angle. You have an enormous, ridiculous amount of money at a young age — you know, 31 with $10 million or some shit — and they believe it. They really think that looking at it, because they don’t think about it. They don’t think, is it verified? Let me check the website. The website tells you it’s not verified, because you can get it verified if you want, which I’m not going to fucking get.

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But basically you’re breaking out of that beta bucks zone hardcore. That’s the trick, right? If you just go into this frame and you just want to give them money and all this shit, you’re not going to get anywhere unless you pay them. Which, I don’t want to do that. So my angle is, I go super hardcore sexual immediately, and I get them off the site. Phone number, phone number, sex, sex, sex, sex. Everything I can do on the site. You can’t send pics unfortunately, but as soon as I get the phone number, dick pic. Even if they don’t like it or they flip out, I’m like, don’t care, dick pic.

COREY: So, you get their phone number and you text them a dick pic? Is that what you’re saying?

ANTHONY: I’ll usually give them my phone number, or I’ll get their phone number, either way. It doesn’t matter. As soon as I have an opportunity, dick pic, dick pic, dick pic. And it’s especially important on the site because you’re so far… I mean you’re literally on a site where they’re there to extract cash from you. I mean, you’re super far in the beta bucks, very far from alpha Chad land. Like, you’re nowhere near that country. So you’ve got to escape that shit as fast as you can.

One of the tricks too to doing it is most girls, especially if they’re not new, but even if they’re new, they’ll still kind of push for the money thing, is you just blow it off. It’s this game, so you ignore it. You can ignore it or you can say, oh, we’ll figure that out in person. Always just avoid that shit, because what do you want to meet for? Like, what do you want to do? I’m like yeah, we’ll figure that out later. We can work on that in person, blah, blah, blah. And the issue is too when I meet them, of course.

COREY: So you’re being pretty mysterious, which obviously women find that more attractive.

ANTHONY: Yeah. Oh, it drives them nuts, yeah.

COREY: Because you stand out. You’re being completely different than the guys that are just like, oh, here’s my Venmo.

ANTHONY: That’s right. So here’s another trick too on the site. If they’ve been on there more than about six months, they’re pros. They’re pros at getting in that direction, and they’re going to see through the shit. They’re not going to deal with it. It’s the new girls who have been on there for a couple of months and have only met like one guy at a bar, and he was like a total pussy or something. I’ve had girls tell me this that I ended up banging.

I banged a girl one night, and she got flaked on for a meetup from the site, and she’s texting me at like 1:00 in the morning at this fucking restaurant. She’s like, hey I just got flaked on. What are you doing? I’m like, I’ll be right there. It worked out really well. I banged her in the fucking car. I banged her all weekend. I actually banged her when Trump won that night, and she was a Democrat, so she was like crying and shit.

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COREY: That’s a good way to celebrate.

ANTHONY: It was awesome, yeah. It was brutal. I was like, oh you don’t like being grabbed by the pussy? It was like cartoon’ish, like ridiculous shit. And she had a good time, but she was like oh my god, Trump won? I’m like, yeah bitch.

COREY: She was a leftist?

ANTHONY: Not super hardcore, but enough to where she was almost in tears.

COREY: You helped her with her grief therapy?

ANTHONY: Oh yeah.

COREY: That was nice of you.

ANTHONY: So the trick is, like I said, always deflect on any kind of monetary questions. But also if the girl’s been on there for awhile, she’s going to see through that because there’s guys like me. I’m not the only guy doing it. They just don’t talk about it on camera and shit.

COREY: I’m sure we’ll get plenty of hate for that.

ANTHONY: Yeah, if they find it.

COREY: No matter what I talk about, I get hate, so whatever.

ANTHONY: But yeah, you’ve got to get them off the site. I do that with every platform, Tinder, Bumble, Seeking Arrangement. Get off the platform, get to the phone number, and then you can do whatever you want. You can not send dick pics, you can send dick pics.

The purpose of doing that specifically with Seeking Arrangement, is sexual, sexual, sexual, sexual. You’re basically dominating the frame, and you’re pushing it in the direction you want. You’re getting out of the frame they you want you in, which is to get cash, cash, cash, cash, where they control it. Which I don’t want to do that. What the fuck am I going to do that for?

Dick pics and stuff like that are useful, any kind of sexual banter. It can be over the top. It can be whatever you want. And then, when they ask about money, just deflect it and delay it basically. The issue is, if they’ve been on there a while, they see through that and you’re not going to get anywhere. They’ll just end the conversation, because they know what you’re doing.

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They know that the younger girls that are on there that are 23 and have been on there two months, they don’t know any better. They’re just excited to hear all this stuff about it, they fantasize about it. They either watch Fifty Shades of Grey, or they think they’re going to get $2,000 from this guy a month or some shit. They think I’m work $10 million, or $7 million.

So what happens too is, they meet me, and they’re kind of blown away because I’m put together, tall, walk good, talk good, eye contact, all that stuff. They’re not used to that, and they’re genuinely attracted anyway, and then I’m like “Hey,” and I just push for the sex. Not just the sex, but the makeout or whatever I’m going to do. Its always deviate away from the money crap, push the sex, sex, sex, sex, sex. But you don’t have to be overly aggressive about it. You’ve just got to be firm and assertive. Like a date where you know the girl is switched on and ready to fuck.

These girls are ready to fuck anyway. They’re expecting to get a bunch of money out of you and fuck. And then I’m like, hey, I just want to fuck you. And I just go with that, and they let me in and they’re like fuck it. What ends up happening is you’re basically flipping the script from the beta bucks stuff to the alpha side. You’re doing it really hardcore. It’s very visceral in real life to see this.

These girls I find, they do want money, but they can get that anywhere else from these other guys. It’s the alpha stuff that’s more rare, and it’s such an unusual thing to flip like this, like so hard, so fast. Like most guys never get out of the friends-zone. It’s like fucking Alcatraz and nobody escapes. In this case, you’re fucking bombing out and you’re banging chicks on the way out.

I think it’s a head trip for them, because they’re not used to that happening, and happening so fast. And then on top of that, you fuck them really good and you have a good time, you enjoy yourself and they enjoy it. They don’t want to ask you for money. They’re intimidated almost to fuck up the attraction they have. They like you.

And the money to them, they can get money from a whole bunch of dudes. There’s dudes that are going to send them money all day long on the site, on Venmo, on whatever the fuck. So, you’re providing something that other guys can’t on the alpha side, and you’re doing it in a very surprising way — from a site where they’re going to get cash anyway basically.

Then you see them on Tinder. Some of the girls, you’ll see them on there, you’ll talk to them a little bit, it won’t go anywhere. Then you see them on Tinder, and they’re like, you were on Seeking Arrangment. I have old fuck buddies I haven’t seen a while hit me up, because they’ll see me on there when I go up. They’ll see my account get activated or green, and they’re like you’re on Seeking Arrangment again? You little fucking whore. And that just puts me back on their mind.

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It’s fascinating. There’s actually a book on it. I met a guy at a convention we had in 2018, The 21 Convention, and his name is B. Rob, which is his online handle. He actually ended up publishing the book right after the convention. We were talking about it at the event. I realized he was better at it than me, because he was writing a book on it. He had been doing this for a while. I was still kind of dabbling with it back then. I was kind of playing with it, it was kind of fun.

COREY: Didn’t you say he took the book down or something?

ANTHONY: I think it’s down. I have a copy. I should have brought it. Sorry about that, because it’s a good book. He took his Twitter account down too.

COREY: What’s the name of the book?

ANTHONY: “Salty: A Shocking Excursion Into The World Of Sugar Dating.”

COREY: Does he actually give good info that you can follow what’s in the book and get the same results?

ANTHONY: Yeah. He talks about his story and goes through it and stuff. I’m kind of going through it a little fast here for you guys on camera, but really you go on this site, and you have the goal in mind to bang these chicks for free, and you put it together. They don’t really care about money. They can get money from so many fucking guys in their life. But if you have the attitude and the mindset to go through it and kind of fudge around with some stuff.

I mean I view it as justice for guys too. Like these girls are so manipulative. They’re not necessarily predatory, like they’re not all crazy. Some of them are. But they’re manipulating all these guys, and getting all this money, because they’ve got Bentleys and shit. And then, I’m going to bang them for free to do it some justice man. Yeah, it’s time you got fucking manipulated and fucking owned in this little thing.

COREY: Like even out the force?

ANTHONY: Even the force, yeah. And it’s all legal. It’s all safe. I mean, what they’re doing is basically soft prostitution anyway. So I’m just refusing to engage in that. I’m like, no I’m just going to bang you for free how I want.

As of yet, none of them have gotten mad at me. It is kind of risky in that sense, especially with “Me Too” and stuff, but I do it and it’s pretty fun. And every few months, I’ll go back to it in a few months. I’ll get bored in the Spring or something. I’ll be like, let me re-activate this account.

But the girls on there, I mean you don’t want to date any of them obviously. It’s super bad for kind of relationship territory.

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COREY: Yeah, you don’t ever want to turn a fucking “ho” into a housewife. I was doing a phone session with a guy yesterday, and I talked to him late last year when he had just started dating this girl. And come to find out, her background with her father was messy. The father had cheated on the mother, the father cheated on basically everybody he was with, he was kind of a narcissist, he lied to his daughter. I think even the mother had cheated. And she admitted to cheated on one guy.

But as he was telling me the story, her history and what she did and said, I said, dude, that’s the only one that she’s actually told to about. I said, I wouldn’t believe a word she says. She’s probably cheated on every guy she’s ever been with, because she grew up in that environment. If you grow up in an environment where there’s lying, there’s cheating, there’s deviousness, there’s deception, you’re emotionally anchored to that. That is normal to you. That’s your normal reality. That feels normal.

They don’t know what it’s like to live in a normal, happy, healthy household where mom and dad are together and they have a nice little picket fence and all that. I mean, those are the kind of unicorns you want if you’re looking to have a long-term relationship.

ANTHONY: Allow me to pile this on. One of the shocking things about sugar dating sites, it’s not just the number of women on there, it’s how prevalent it is for young women today. I mean, they’re advertising it as “sugar baby university” to pay off your student loans and shit. Like, these are major websites. These are multi-million dollar companies.

It’s not just Seeking Arrangement, there’s a bunch of them. But it shockingly has been normalized. It’s a whole phenomena. You can look it up online. Newspapers have covered it, New York Times, whatever the fuck. A lot of different publications have covered it, and a lot of young women do this stuff. So, it’s not just girls on Tinder goofing around and getting banged by Chad. Sugar dating has normalized soft prostitution for young women today. It’s like, it’s stunning.

I don’t just see them first on Seeking Arrangement and then on Tinder and at a bar. It’s like, I’ll see a girl on Tinder or Bumble and I’ll be talking to her. Then I’ll see her six months later on Seeking Arrangement. And you really had no idea. Just some average looking girl, maybe no tattoos or something, and she’s ready to sell sex for money. It’s like, holy fuck. What has happened in this country? So it’s kind of sad, but it’s also a fun way to enjoy the decline.

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COREY: Yeah, for you guys that are looking for unattached dating options, that book is, “Salty: A Shocking Excursion Into The World Of Sugar Dating.” And as of right now, today’s February 27, 2020, the Kindle and the paperback is up, so good information. Obviously he uses it. It will give you a few more tools in your toolbox, so you can kind of experiment and see what you want, see what you’re looking for.

Because I have had countless phone sessions with guys over the years that are in their fifties, sixties, they’ve been with the same woman basically since they were 16 years old, and the last ten or fifteen years, there’s been basically a pussy and sex embargo in their lives. So they get out, and they’re in their mid to late fifties, early sixties, and they want to start dating and getting some experience. Because for the most part, the only woman they’ve been with is their wife, and it sucked for the last ten or twelve years.

They’ve kind of gotten over the kids being all pissed off that dad left mom. You know, guys don’t want to stay in a loveless, sexless relationship. Sometimes you want to play the field and see what’s out there.

ANTHONY: I’ll say this too about sugar dating in general. I call it salt dating, because you’re not paying them sugar, you’re paying them salt, or they get a salty version of the sugar so to speak. I’ll let your fans do the math on that. I didn’t even know it was called that at first. I just thought it was sugar dating, and that was just a goofy version of it, but it’s called salt dating.

The friends-zone beta bucks thing I was talking about that you break out of by using the site in a way you’re not intended to, like they definitely don’t want this. They’re going to ban me if they find out I’m talking about this on YouTube. Who cares. I’ll just make a new account. But what you’re doing, by flipping the script like that so hardcore, actually understanding what these women want and what they’re doing, flipping it to what you want, you know consensually and voluntarily and all that. It’s the red pill in action as I see it.

Zan Perrion, I think you know him, right?

COREY: Oh yeah. I’ve never met him, but I know who he is. He does great work. He’s one of the few guys that I jive with spiritually.

ANTHONY: Amazing guy. He’s a very good dude. I like him a lot.

COREY: Because most of those guys in the pickup and seduction community, they’re just fucking sleazy fucking dirtbags.

ANTHONY: Zan is the real deal. He spoke a couple of times at the convention, but he says that women have two ribbons. I think security and romance. But other people in the red pill [community] will say it like beta bucks and alpha fucks, beta need, alpha seed — things like that. This is at an action at a very intense level. I mean, these girls are really trying to get cash out of you, like a lot. Five hundred dollars, a thousand dollars, Bentleys, shit like that, and you’re throwing all that out the window, and they’re just fucking you, enjoying it, having a really good time, the desire.

Photo by

So to go from one end of the extreme, literally, you’re a fucking sugar daddy, you’ll get sex as you pay for it, to banging these girls in 15, 20 minutes flat at their front door or wherever you’re doing it, a hotel or something, it’s amazing. It’s rare that you see this element of female behavior flipping around like this and being played with successfully. And if these guys have any game, you know Tinder or anything else they’ve done in life, they’ll figure it out pretty quick.

I got lucky off the bat with it, but I figured out pretty quickly how this was working, and I was just amazed. So, it’s a lot of fun and I recommend you give it a shot. Check out the book too, “Salty.”

COREY: Cool. And how do people get in touch with you so they can start following you?

ANTHONY: My YouTube channel is You can also follow me at 21 Studios or Twitter @beachmuscles.

COREY: And if you are obviously looking for a quality relationship and want a relationship with a girl that you actually want to wake up next to in your arms the next day, you can read my book “How To Be A 2% Man” and also my second book “Mastering Yourself” for free at All you have to do is enter your email and submit, and you’ll be reading it.

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Anthony “Dream” Johnson, President of The Manosphere

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Published on March 17, 2020

Reader Interactions


  1. I did everything Anthony did and I’m in great shape/good looking young (31), used my absolute best pictures that I ever had from a professional photographer and yet even I still could never get 1 fucking response back or message in the first place from seeking arrangement so I really don’t know how Anthony claims he had lots of girls actually message him unless he just is extremely lucky….but yeah it’s very frustrating to see that he did everything that I’ve done yet he got results and I didn’t get shit despite doing my best to make myself try and standout in a good way on the site. I just don’t friggin understand it

  2. This Johnson guy is just as broken as these thots are, and using them as his own cheap, non-effective therapy for his ex-wife’s betrayals. Any idiot knows that online dating is purely for sex in this day and age.

  3. The advise both of you have has been great, and I respect the both of you.
    However, I’m not quite sure if there’s anything we can learn from this.

    You can sleep with young, emotionally imbalanced, probably have STD’s, cat ladies to be by feeding them complete BS?

    Yes, I knew that back when I was 18 and it didn’t appeal to me then, least of all now.

    There’s usually a karmic consequence for dishonesty. You also have to consider what contribution you are making to these confused girls lives.

    Many women are turning 30 and 40, deeply unhappy that they have left it too late to have a family. As older men, we have to be aware if we are wasting their time or not, and they are wasting theirs. Because they often don’t know. Society is telling them they can have the lifestyle and entitlements, the 1950’s male had. It’s not working out for them.

    I have nothing against consenting adults hooking up and having fun, whatever their age. But along the path of our self development and own emotional healing, we also have to reflect on whether we are adding our work to the world, or spreading more confusion. In this particular topic, it’s seeming to lean more towards the latter.

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This is a member supported site. You tip your favorite bartender, right? How about a buck, $2, $3, $5, maybe $10? Whatever YOU feel its worth, every time you feel I have given you a good tip, new knowledge or helpful insight. Please feel free to donate any amount you think is equal to the value you received from my eBook & Home Study Course (audio lessons), articles, emails, videos, newsletters, etc.
Just click the "Donate" button above to enter your donation/gratuity. Thanks in advance for your support! From my heart to yours, Corey Wayne.
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